The Power of Passive Candidate Recruitment

Today’s employers no longer seek to quickly find a candidate for a position. Instead, they choose to focus on the quality and experience of each candidate that comes to them. While thousands of people are engaging the pursuit of a new job, how many would be considered “the right fit” for the position? Let’s take a closer look at who truly makes up the candidate pool.


Jobhuk25% of people are actively seeking new positions. These Active Candidates are people who have recently lost their job or are actively looking to make a new career move.  These individuals actively engage in job boards, seek references for open positions from their personal networks, and speak to staffing agencies for placement. However, these candidates make up the smallest group in the talent pool.


It is statistically accurate to say that the best candidate for a position already has a job elsewhere. How can employers target the 75% of individuals who are currently employed? Innovations in technology allows employers to leverage the power of modern connectivity to reach out to passive candidates. Through mediums like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Resume Databases, finding the right candidate no longer relies on simply placing Active Candidates – it is also finding the right Passive Candidate.



Passive Recruitment targets these candidates who are not actively searching for a new position. These passive candidates are often looking for a new challenge, change in corporate culture, or are even open to a new and exciting position. While they are not actively searching, they are open to the right opportunity.  The best professional recruiters use several techniques to tap into this candidate pool. Through leveraging the power of Passive Recruitment employers now have greater access to more qualified candidates than ever before.

In my next blog post, I will expand more on how recruiters source their candidates and how these techniques are used for passive recruitment.

Recruiter Spotlight: Allie Futcher

Time to introduce new recruiter, we like to highlight the success of these placements with an interview with our independent recruiter and the employer. This week we like to introduce an independent recruiter that has successfully placed a candidate with our employers for a $10,400 referral commission.



Allie successfully sourced a candidate to Daman, Inc for the Lead Business Intelligence / Business Objects (BOBJ) Architect position.

                                                                       Meet Allie Futcher – Managing Partner/Senior Executive Recruiter working as  Independent Recruiter on JOBHUK                                                            Meet Allie Futcher – Independent Recruiter on JOBHUK

We decided to personally interview Allie to give us insight on her Jobhuk successful placement. Follow along in this interview and find out how she used her previous work experience to leverage her sourcing efforts.


Allie was working on JOBHUK since last four months and got her first successful placement two months back, she worked for many different clients on Jobhuk. She worked very hard and daily referred more than ten plus candidates to Jobhuk various clients.She was very determined from beginning and had earned $10400 referral money for one successful closure.We Congratulate her on success.


Did you use any social platforms to find this candidate? If yes, which ones did you use? If no, what did you use instead?

I used linked-in, and a few other sites.


What did you primarily like about Jobhuk’s dashboard in the process of sourcing this candidate?

I was able to speak directly to m point of contact on a regular basis and find which candidates they were interested in seeing.


What made you become an independent recruiter on Jobhuk?

I was working with another company and was contacted by Jobhuk team member and after our conversation she sold me on the company as well as all of the open positions she had available.


How did you find this candidate more qualified over the other candidates?

He had all of the requirements the client needed  and after our interview i knew he would be an asset to the company.


We are proud of all our independent recruiters for their continuous efforts at sourcing qualified candidate.

Want to become an independent recruiter? Join Jobhuk and start sourcing qualified resumes for high referral fees.


Interview on Recruiting Tech and Trends


Will Thomson

Jobhuk recently was able to sit down with Austin based recruiter, Will Thomson. We knew it was time to exclusively sit down and dive into Will’s thoughts after a few brief discussions on recruiting. Below you will find the interview with Will about his thoughts on recruiting and how he originally got involved.

About the Author: Will Thomson lives in Austin, Texas, and works for Rosetta Stone as the Global Sales and Marketing Recruiter. He has been in recruitment and sales for 20 years.

He received his undergraduate from The University of Mississippi, and his Master’s Degree from St. Edward’s University in Austin. He has recruited some of the most sought-after talent around the globe, and is a regular blogger for the recruitment industry.

He is the founder of Bulls Eye Recruiting and you can find him on Twitter @WillRecruits.

1. Tell us a little bit about how you fell into the recruiting path. 

I wish I had a glamorous story to tell you about how I got into recruiting, but I sort of fell into it.  After I graduated from college a good friend set me up with an interview with a staffing agency called Aerotek.  I didn’t know anything about them other than everyone I talked to really enjoyed what they were doing. I loved the energy in the office.  It wasn’t until I went to training in Baltimore a month later where I fully understood the duties of a recruiter.  I was in the field for 3 years, left the field, and returned back to it 10 years later. I have had the opportunity to work for some of the worlds most recognized brands in Dell, eBay, and Rosetta Stone.  I have also helped build organizations such as Rainmaker Systems and Balfour.

2. What is your biggest challenge in recruiting?

I could give you a couple of them.  The first challenge is time.  It is so important to prioritize your day as a recruiter.  Sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours to get things done.  Sourcing candidates takes time.  It doesn’t happen over night.  Secondly, I would say managing expectations.  When things are busy, everyone has a need that needs to be filled “yesterday”.  It is how you handle those relationships and expectations that make you successful.

3. What aspects of recruiting is hard in finding great talent?

Recruiting is competitive on all levels.  A majority of the “good” talent is currently working.  You have to be a good salesperson to be successful and to make a candidate WANT to make a change.  That being said, I am feeling a shift in recruiting.  For the past several years recruiters have been using Linkedin as their primary tool to recruit individuals.  Candidates are catching on and employers are growing tired of paying outrageous fees.  With that being said there is a huge opportunity right now for a competitor to come in and challenge the whole recruiting industry.

4. How do you think technology is affecting the recruiting?

So it has changed recruiting quite a bit.  The one thing that remains constant is that there will always be a need for a human and computers won’t take over the role of a recruiter.  That being said, with technology we are able to identify talent more effectively and efficiently than ever before.  The emergence of big data will send our industry in a tailspin.  Social Media has also allowed recruiters to learn much more about a candidate than we have ever been able to see.

5. Which one would you prefer to work with, staffing agencies or independent recruiters?

I am a corporate recruiter and haven’t been with an agency in many years.  Truthfully, it is all about relationships to me.  If I am going to work with someone outside, I want to feel confident in his or her ability to deliver.  If an independent recruiter can deliver better quality candidates than an agency, then I would go with them.  You could reverse this statement and it would be the same.

6. What are your thoughts on independent recruiting?

I think there will always be a need for independent recruiters.  I also think you will see more and more of them in the future.  With the ability for a recruiter to work anywhere in the world, you don’t need much more than a phone and Internet connectivity.   I also see people doing recruiting on the side, much like real estate.  You can source at any time of day.  Like I said, time is the biggest problem so having an independent recruiter to help augment work is a huge asset to an organization.

7. Can you please tell us a few promising trends you see happening in recruitment industry this year?

The two biggest trends I see are Big Data and Mobility.  I know these are easy topics to discuss, but they are the biggest.  We all have phones, we all are having more access to data that we have never had and we are going to be able to predict the future based upon statistics.  Crazy stuff, but real!

About Jobhuk:

Jobhuk is a recruitment marketplace based in Austin, TX  focused on the trending recruitment 4.0 industry.
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Crowdsourcing Case Study: 99Designs

Increasingly, crowdsourcing has become a popular business model. Despite its popularity, there is a high level of skepticism for crowdsourcing services. Today we quickly review a company that has successfully built a crowdsourcing business model. is a marketplace where you can crowdsource your design work such as logos, web templates, and other design needs. They built a very lucrative business model that attracts a large set of designers to the marketplace.

Reach – Usually trying to find a good designer or an agency accommodating to your design needs and vision can be very complicated and miscommunicative. Compared to the traditional search, posting a design job to a marketplace like 99designs will provide you access to numerous freelance/independent designers and small agencies on demand.

More Options – Unlike the limited designs created by an individual designer or agency, a crowdsourced marketplace enables you to receive quantified number of designs created by designers all over the world to choose from.

Turnaround Times –Working with a specific design agency can limit your work from completing based off their schedule. Using a crowdsourcing business model, the multitude of designers are not only fighting for your bid with pricing, but also on how fast they can finish your design.

Affordable – Design services is an expensive process when working with agencies and in many cases you may not exactly get the design you might have envisioned. 99Designs makes it affordable for anyone to create a project using pre-defined pricing models and receive several designs bids and offers. Aside from these reasons on why crowdsourced marketplaces work, you will find additional benefits below:

Traditional Design Buying vs Crowdsourcing Design Buying
Traditional Design Buying  99Designs Model
Individual Reach  Marketplace of Designers
Slow Turnaround (~3-15 Days)  Faster Turnaround (~2-3 Days)
1-5 Bids = Expensive Rate   Competitive Marketplace = Cheaper Rate
Expensive Successful Placement Fee Flexible Split Fee Payscale
Unreliable Results  Higher Guarantee of Designs Approval
Upfront Payments Increases Risk  Pay after Design is Completed

At Jobhuk, we have applied similar principles and built a crowdsourced marketplace for recruitment. Here  the employer (buyers) crowdsource their recruitment efforts to a large pool of professional recruiters and agencies around the world.

Become an independent recruiter with Jobhuk
 Become an Independent Recruiter

Characteristics of a Successful Independent Recruiter

Do you ever question yourself on what separates a successful independent recruiter from an unsuccessful recruiter? We developed this intricate checklist for you to learn about how to become a successful recruiter of your own.

  1. Knowledge of the industry. – Before diving in and using your network to find qualified applicants for your employers, an independent recruiter must know the ins and outs of the industry. You must read the job description and learn about what makes an applicant well qualified from one that barely misses the mark. This knowledge is beneficial to multiple freelance recruiters. One, you will gain the respect of an employer for always referring qualified leads. Employers use freelance recruiters to help sift through the leads that are deemed unqualified. Two, you will save yourself time by not having to focus on many applicants at once for a specific job post. Knowledge is power and a money maker. 5
  2. Organization – Learning to stay organized is a vital characteristic in a successful independent recruiter. As you grow your network and you start submitting resumes, you want to stay systematized on each applicant’s status and tracking. Jobhuk provides you with tools to track applicants for independent recruiters. However, tracking is only one organizational component to success as a recruiter. Staying organized will keep you on top of who you are meeting with at the moment, the industries you are currently communicating with to find applicants, and most importantly your network and the employers you work with will notice how well you handle multiple assignments at once.
  3. Networking – Success in freelance recruiting is about expanding your reach to make sure the right candidate comes across your path. In order to expand your reach, an independent recruiter must continuously network. Networking does not mean that one must concentrate on the quantity of the people, but more so on the quality of the people they encounter.
  4. Patience – The most important key to becoming a successful independent recruiter (and life itself) is patience. Recruiting is a very competitive market to qualify leads and earn commission. It requires patience and perseverance to earn that high split fee payout. Employers are looking for the key individuals that can fill that role and do it successfully. Because their time and money go into molding this individual into their company, they want to know if this individual has the character and drive to become one of them. That means they may reject most of the resumes you send over. Though, the one they receive of yours that is qualified, the successful hire will earn you high returns that was worth the patience and perseverance.

These four aspects to becoming a successful independent recruiter will leverage yourself from among the current agencies. Independent recruiting is a position which provides a high return of investment. If you have the knowledge of the industry, stay organized in your work, continuously network with individuals, and stay patience through the process, you will become successful at recruiting.

Traditional Recruiting vs Crowdsourced Recruiting

History of Crowdsourcing

The history of crowdsourcing dates back to the ancient days of Babylonia 430 BCE to initially serve the terminally ill. According to Herodotus, Greek historian extraordinaire, the ancient Babylonians crowdsourced health care for the sick. The idea of having designated physicians in the community had yet to be implemented,  the familywould leave the sick individual in the pathway of a traveler. There, “passers-by come up to him, and if they have ever had his disease themselves or have known anyone who has suffered from it, they give him advice.” Via Seth’s Blog

Since then, there have been several times in multiple industries that crowdsourcing had been the solution to problems.Today, crowdsourcing has been most responsive  mainly to the Internet. The Internet provides a particularly ideal venue for crowdsourcing where individuals tend to be more open and the reachis vast.

The latest trend has been the creation of marketplaces wrapped around the principles of  crowdsourcing. This new model relies on 3 attributes:

1) Buyer – Posts a need and creates demand in the marketplace.

2) Services – The type of service or commodity which is being exchanged.

3) Services Provider (“The Crowd”) –  Provides the service or supplies the commodity and serve on-demand.

Buyer → {Service} → Thousands of Service Providers/Sellers


Crowdsource vs Traditional Recruiting
Traditional Recruiting Crowdsourced Recruiting
Limited Reachability by Internal Recruiters Worldwide Reach with Network of Independent Recruiters
Slow turnaround with internal recruiters Faster turnaround with competitive platform
Expensive rates for successful placements Flexible Split Fee payscale
Limited choices on potential hires Wide variety of applicants
High risk with payments upfront Zero Risk – Pay only when applicant is hired


Become an independent recruiter using Jobhuk  Join Now!

4 Reasons to Become an Independent Recruiter

  • 1. Become your own boss. As an independent recruiter, you are able to set your own working culture, working environment, and working rules. Recruiting as a freelancer gives you freedom to make the business choices and networks you choose to target for sourcing resumes.
  • 2. Schedule your own hours. Working independently as a recruiter provides you the luxury to work on your own schedule. Though, the strict 9am-5pm is not usually one that an independent recruiter needs to set for hours, but timing does make a difference. It is all about timing when sourcing candidates to a pool of applicants in an employer’s inbox.
  • 3. Increase your self-worth. Knowing the employer and their culture is important to find the correct applicant. Understanding the personality of a vast network of job seekers can make your job more valuable. The employer knows that you are not only vetting qualified applicants, but also through an additional personality fit process. Referring your network not only vouches that you know their personality. In turn a company is more likely value your thoughts on an individual’s strengths/weaknesses.
  • 4Money, money, money. Working as an independent recruiter has its monetary benefits when the recruiter knows how to source the best. Each referral is worth the continuous follow ups, validating resumes, and consistent communication between candidate and employers. One referral can keep you comfortable until you work for your next referral.


Become an independent recruiter using Jobhuk   Join Now!

How to write a Job description that rocks!!

“It is recruiter’s job to know how to find the perfect match, but its hiring manager responsibility to provide them with an A-class Job description to drive them in the right direction.”

We try to help out several clients with their “job descriptions” , and being around in the HR space for a while, we find that the majority problems of recruitment starts with not having a proper job description to convey the right message to the recruiters and potential candidates. Many employers, whom we interviewed, never tried to put due diligence in writing proper job description which might clearly state what they are looking for.


Too busy for your own Job.

It is always easy to make statements like “I want to hire the best candidate” or “We want perfect fit for this job”, but with out having to define what the “best” clearly means in the Job description, it is quite impossible to find the perfect match.

Hiring Managers are always in a hurry as they have a team to hire and run their projects. They are heavy on multi-tasking and try to put only minimal efforts to provide the right information on the Job descriptions. Most of them search existing job boards and copy the job description make little tweaks and publish out. Many fail to realize that their success of team is in finding the perfect fit for the roles, which in-turn depends on how clearly you convey what and whom you are looking for.

Here are few tips for writing a job description that does not suck.

Who are you?

Company.  Smarter talent is always in demand and they need a good reason of why they should join you against others. Tell your story of what your company is and does, share a story of your culture, sell what difference you make it.


What are you hiring for?

Title. Do not use generic titles like Software Engineer or Developer rather be more specific which clearly identifies the job and skill. You can identify level of positions by prefixing it with Sr. (Senior), Jr. (Junior), Mid-Level. Avoid using words like Rockstar, Hero, as everyone wants the same.

Role. Be clear on the role, what the candidate’s role would be within the company. Even while trying to find your co-founder, this is very important which enables you to clearly define who is going to work on what in your company in very early stages.


What do you expect them to do?

Responsibility. You need to empower your employees to make them feel more responsible and how they are part of your ecosystem. Defining their responsibility for the Job and organization would set their expectations clearly for the Job.


What are  MUST Vs. Preferences?

Minimum CriteriaClearly state the minimum criteria for the jobs if you can. Eg. Degree, specific skills for at least ‘n’ years, specific implementation

Preferences. State the preferences which are not mandatory but good to have. Eg. Many might feel having certifications on some enterprise tools would help them create filters.


What does this job pay?

Salary. Be very clear on what you “can” pay. Many a times, we come across employers who say, that they are not sure of how much they want to pay or can pay. We try to educate employers getting them to answer few simple tips,

  • How much can you afford to pay? , then – There has to be a budget you have or your Salary structure pre-designed.
  • Set a range ($xx to  $xx) which enables to negotiate or have flexibility on both sides to talk through the salary.
  • If you are unsure about market rates, try to use the Salary analytics tools like payscale or glassdoor or salary trends.

Benefits & other offers. Benefits play a major role for candidates to decide in picking up a Job. Clearly state all the benefits you are willing to offer. Incase of early stage startups, you can clearly define the equity or stock options you offer.

Contract/Temp. For contract & temp positions, you clearly need to define the hourly rate and set the tax terms clearly W2 or 1099. Not defining hourly rate clearly, will get you a lot of inbound spam which you do not want to waste your time on. Along with hourly rate, you clearly need to define the duration of the contract number of hours or months. 



Even with the current trend of remote work increasing heavily, there are several candidates who still prefer to have a local employer or viceversa.


Travel (%).

If the job needs travel, then clearly identify the percentage of travel required for the Job.



Keywords are very important in the world of internet recruitment. 70% of Jobseekers start their job search in Meta search engines like and 65% of them look up through Social Media. Both of these channels are dependent on keywords and not having keywords means, you would never be able to get the right traction for your Job.

When working with professional recruiters, these keywords play a major role as, recruiters highly rely on keyword matching to source candidates.

Set as many as and enough keywords in your job description which enables users to clearly see what you are looking for.

At Jobhuk, we have tried to solve this problem with helping employers with our Job posting guidelines and clearly defining a Step by Step form to enter all the required information easily. We also a built in feature for setting up minimum criteria on the Job, which is published as a questionnaire to be answered by recruiters and candidates while submitting their resumes. With out accepting or answering the questions, they will never be able to submit their profile.


Job Posting - Description - Step 1

Job Posting – Description – Step 1


Job Posting - Salary - Step 2

Job Posting – Salary – Step 2

Job Posting - Finders Fee - Step 3

Job Posting – Finders Fee – Step 3



Jobshow (2)


“When helping Employers, recruiters have limited information about a Job to find the perfect match — which is often true”.

JOBHUK offers employers a way to clearly define  Job description and convey the right information to recruiters & potential candidates helping everybody in the marketplace to see fast and better results in the whole recruitment process.

In our next article we are going to cover some humor and creative Job descriptions.

 Employers – Post Jobs for Free to our marketplace to fill the  tough positions, you are currently hiring for.

 Professional Independent Recruiters – Join Us   within 5 seconds and start sourcing candidates for the jobs in the marketplace.


HR & Recruitment Industry Events and Conferences in 2014

As we steadily growing and getting closely embedded into the HR & Recruiting space, we figured, we would share few events we plan to attend in this year. We have consolidated a list HR and Recruitment events and conferences for 2014.

Strategic Recruitment Summit 2014 (Missed & Done)
Feburary 19 – 20, 2014 • Orlando, FL
Global VPs/VPs/Directors/Managers/Advisors for:
• Talent Management/Talent Acquisition
• HR
• Recruitment & Retention
• College Recruiting/University Relations
• Workforce StrategySourcing
• StaffingTalent Acquisition
• Technical Talent Acquisition/Management
• Scientific/Technical/Engineering Recruitment

SourceCon 2014 (Missed & Done)
Feburary 24 – 26, 2014 • Atlanta, GA
One of the largest sourcing conference

SXSW (Was extreme fun. Done)
March 7 – 16, 2014 • Austin, TX
Gigantic event for startups in any space.

Executive Forum (Missed & Done)
Mar 18 – 21, 2014 • San Diego, CA

HRPS Global Conference
Mar 30 – Apr 4th, 2014 • La Jolla, CA
New Realities for New Economy

Recruiting Trends Conference
April 2 – 4, 2014 • Alexandria, VA

Human Capital Summit & Exp0 2014 (HCI)
April 8 – 10, 2014 • Orlando, FL
This year’s Human Capital Summit includes several new features that make the 2014 conference better than year’s past. These include peer-to-peer roundtables, enhanced networking opportunities, and a new Human Capital Solution and Service Exposition. This year’s conference theme is, “The New Social Economy: How Communities, Collaboration and Social Technologies Drive Innovation and High Performance.”

ERE Recruiting Conference Spring 2014
April 22 – 24, 2014 • San Diego, CA

CEB Annual Conference
April 27 – 30, 2014 • Austin, TX
We certainly cannot miss any HR & Recruitment conference in our local city.

SHRM Talent Management Conference & Expo
April 28 – 30, 2014 • Nashville, TN
Designed specifically for recruiters and talent management professionals, the 2014 SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition gives you the tools, resources, innovations and solutions you need to move your human capital strategies to the next level. This fast-paced, energetic conference provides ideas that will help you grow your personal and professional success, while evolving your talent management strategies.

Midwest Staffing Conference
May 1, 2014 • Chicago, IL
Join us for the most dynamic one-day conference for search and staffing firms located in the Midwest! The Midwest Staffing Conference is the premier event to attend for owners, recruiters and sales consultants. This year’s event moves the venue into the heart of Chicago and has an exciting schedule of outstanding speakers that you don’t want to miss. We will be wrapping up the day with our traditional cocktail party and networking event. Registration will be limited, so sign up early!

HRA — NCA Annual Conference – Human Resource Association of the National Capital Area
May 2, 2014 • Washington, DC
The theme for this year’s HRA-NCA HR Conference is HR FORWARD.

ASTD International Global Conference & Exposition
May 4-7, 2014 • Washington, DC
Top 5 reasons to attend:
largest conference in the field providing the most choices for your development
300 top rated educational sessions
world-renowned speakers
networking with like-minded peers from around the world
world-class expo.

HRO Today 2014
May 5 – 7, 2014 • Philadelphia, PA
This year’s human resource outsourcing conference features seven different tracks, such as healthcare workforce, evidence-based HR, and managing partnerships. The agenda has not yet been deteremined, but this is a good conference for bringing multiple members of your team. For every three registrations, your company gets one free. You’ll also get two for every five registrations, or three for every seven registrations.

Employer Branding Conference
May 7, 2014 • New York City, NY
The employer branding space is quickly evolving. As people become increasingly important to organizational success, attracting and retaining talent is no longer just the recruitment team’s priority, but an executive-level priority.
The Employer Branding Conference is the only event of its kind. In addition to networking with peers, attendees will learn best-in-class strategies from industry thought leaders and will walk away with actionable insights to improve their effectiveness across each stage of building and executing a strong employer brand.

World of Work Conference – Total Rewards Association
May 19 – 21, 2014 • Dallas, TX
The Total Rewards Conference is evolving to meet the demands of our community. This year’s conference brings more interactive learning, networking opportunities with peers, and valuable content from our partner companies through technology and product demonstrations. Our group discussions will call out where the profession has been, where it is now, and more importantly, where trends show it’s going. It’s a synergistic environment of thought leaders, peers and industry-related product and service providers for the united mission to innovate today in order to impact tomorrow.

HR Shared & Outsourcing Summit
May 19 – 21, 2014 • Chicago, IL
• Whether you’re just beginning your HR shared services journey or you’re working in an established HR shared Services organization, the 15th HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit’s dual track design allows for a customizable learning experience based on your immediate business needs.
• New interactive formats, such as our Speaker Q&A, Show Us Your Employee Portal and Tweet Your Question, ensure that you get real-time answers to your most pressing concerns.
• Discover new strategies and tools for taking your HR Shared Services model to the next level with hot-button topic areas like Mobile Technology, Global Business Services delivery models, and Advanced Human Capital Analytics.
• Designed to provide you with an in-depth educational experience that is tailored to meet your needs, the 15th HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit will provide you with the rare opportunity to discuss and brainstorm on shared challenges with over 150 of your peers during our structured networking breaks and Knowledge Sharing Sessions.

Staffing Law Conference 2014
May 21 – 22, 2014 • Washington, DC
This is the only conference this year dedicated to the laws and regulations that apply to staffing companies, so if this is a concern for you then this is the conference that you must attend. This year’s session include the 2014 midterm elections, temp worker safety, employee verification issues, and the Obamacare employer mandate. Considering the changes that have happened on a legislative level, this is conference is a must-attend for 2014.

National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Conference & Expo
June 8 – 11, 2014 • San Antonio, TX
Majorly focused on campus recruitments and internships

Annual Staffing & Recruiting Conference (California Staffing Professionals)
June 11 – 14, 2014 • Las Vegas, NV
Join us for the most dynamic one-day conference for search and staffing firms located in the Midwest! The Midwest Staffing Conference is the premier event to attend for owners, recruiters and sales consultants. This year’s event moves the venue into the heart of Chicago and has an exciting schedule of outstanding speakers that you don’t want to miss. We will be wrapping up the day with our traditional cocktail party and networking event. Registration will be limited, so sign up early!

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2014
June 22 – 25, 2014 • Orlando, FL
The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition provides you with the foundation you need to launch your journey towards transformation. In Orlando, you’ll get the comprehensive education and discover the practical guidance you need to move forward with confidence. You’ll hear new ideas, get solutions to your challenges, expand your network, and grow your influence. You’ll return to your office ready to explore new strategies, improved skills and enhanced perspectives.

Social Recruiting Strategies Conference
June 24 – 26, 2014 • London, England
A Good list of Global enterprises are here on the agenda to discuss innovative and mobile strategies around recruitment

Social Recruiting Strategies Conference
July 29 – 31, 2014 • Chicago, IL
Fortunately, there is a conference in chicago, anyone who cannot make it out f the country has an alternative plan to go for this.

Healthcare Staffing Summit
September 8 – 10, 2014 • Dallas, TX
Join us for the most dynamic one-day conference for search and staffing firms located in the Midwest! The Midwest Staffing Conference is the premier event to attend for owners, recruiters and sales consultants. This year’s event moves the venue into the heart of Chicago and has an exciting schedule of outstanding speakers that you don’t want to miss. We will be wrapping up the day with our traditional cocktail party and networking event. Registration will be limited, so sign up early!

NAPS 2014
September 15 – 16, 2014 • Houston, TX
Attendees will have an opportunity to learn from best practices and understand how to improve their business through case studies while expanding their professional network. Exhibitors and sponsors will have dedicated time to showcase products and services in front of hundreds of leaders and decision makers who want to learn more about how you can help them run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo Fall 2014
September 17 – 18, 2014 • Chicago, IL
This is the premier event of the year for in-house recruiting leaders — especially those from large companies — to learn and share what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next in recruiting

SourceCon 2014 Denver
October 1 – 2, 2014 • Denver, CO
The original and premier sourcing conference delivers the actionable and relevant sourcing strategies and methodologies to not only tackle your current sourcing challenges, but keep you three steps ahead of your competition. Whether you’re a sourcer or recruiter, work for a large corporation, a staffing firm, RPO, or as an independent, you’ll learn from deeply knowledgeable speakers, benefit from unparalleled networking opportunities, and leave SourceCon with the sourcing solutions that provide the biggest impact.

CWS Summit
October 8 – 9, 2014 • Las Vegas, NV
This annual conference focuses on best practices and real-world solutions for a crucial component of your organization’s workforce. Whether you are in human resources, procurement, IT or category management, the Contingent Workforce Strategies Summit is for you and your team to develop and maintain an enduring contingent workforce strategy.

October 5 – 8, 2014 • Fort Worth, TX
The largest regional human resources conference in the US, HR Southwest is one of the most sought-out HR conferences in the country. Industry leaders gather to lead and to participate in an array of sessions in order to educate and to get educated in the latest and most important topics in human resources. Registration is not yet open for the 2014 conference, although 2013 rates are still posted.

HR Tech Annual Conference
October 7 – 10, 2014 • Las Vegas, NV

Annual Recruiting Conference
October 21, 2014 • London
This is the one and only international conference on the list, so if you’re interested in how the recruiting industry is doing in the United Kingdom, then this is the event for you. Everything from social media to communicating with candidates will be covered in this one-day conference. The agenda isn’t yet set, and registration has yet to open.

Manufacturing Conference on Talent
October 4 – 5, 2014 • Fort Worth, TX
Drawing from the largest 1,500 manufacturing companies in the US, this conference will bring together 200+ HR decision-makers focused on addressing the formidable talent challenges facing manufacturing companies.

Fordyce Forum