The Power of Passive Candidate Recruitment

Today’s employers no longer seek to quickly find a candidate for a position. Instead, they choose to focus on the quality and experience of each candidate that comes to them. While thousands of people are engaging the pursuit of a new job, how many would be considered “the right fit” for the position? Let’s take a closer look at who truly makes up the candidate pool.


Jobhuk25% of people are actively seeking new positions. These Active Candidates are people who have recently lost their job or are actively looking to make a new career move.  These individuals actively engage in job boards, seek references for open positions from their personal networks, and speak to staffing agencies for placement. However, these candidates make up the smallest group in the talent pool.


It is statistically accurate to say that the best candidate for a position already has a job elsewhere. How can employers target the 75% of individuals who are currently employed? Innovations in technology allows employers to leverage the power of modern connectivity to reach out to passive candidates. Through mediums like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Resume Databases, finding the right candidate no longer relies on simply placing Active Candidates – it is also finding the right Passive Candidate.



Passive Recruitment targets these candidates who are not actively searching for a new position. These passive candidates are often looking for a new challenge, change in corporate culture, or are even open to a new and exciting position. While they are not actively searching, they are open to the right opportunity.  The best professional recruiters use several techniques to tap into this candidate pool. Through leveraging the power of Passive Recruitment employers now have greater access to more qualified candidates than ever before.

In my next blog post, I will expand more on how recruiters source their candidates and how these techniques are used for passive recruitment.