Traditional Recruiting vs Crowdsourced Recruiting

History of Crowdsourcing

The history of crowdsourcing dates back to the ancient days of Babylonia 430 BCE to initially serve the terminally ill. According to Herodotus, Greek historian extraordinaire, the ancient Babylonians crowdsourced health care for the sick. The idea of having designated physicians in the community had yet to be implemented,  the familywould leave the sick individual in the pathway of a traveler. There, “passers-by come up to him, and if they have ever had his disease themselves or have known anyone who has suffered from it, they give him advice.” Via Seth’s Blog

Since then, there have been several times in multiple industries that crowdsourcing had been the solution to problems.Today, crowdsourcing has been most responsive  mainly to the Internet. The Internet provides a particularly ideal venue for crowdsourcing where individuals tend to be more open and the reachis vast.

The latest trend has been the creation of marketplaces wrapped around the principles of  crowdsourcing. This new model relies on 3 attributes:

1) Buyer – Posts a need and creates demand in the marketplace.

2) Services – The type of service or commodity which is being exchanged.

3) Services Provider (“The Crowd”) –  Provides the service or supplies the commodity and serve on-demand.

Buyer → {Service} → Thousands of Service Providers/Sellers


Crowdsource vs Traditional Recruiting
Traditional Recruiting Crowdsourced Recruiting
Limited Reachability by Internal Recruiters Worldwide Reach with Network of Independent Recruiters
Slow turnaround with internal recruiters Faster turnaround with competitive platform
Expensive rates for successful placements Flexible Split Fee payscale
Limited choices on potential hires Wide variety of applicants
High risk with payments upfront Zero Risk – Pay only when applicant is hired


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How to write a Job description that rocks!!

“It is recruiter’s job to know how to find the perfect match, but its hiring manager responsibility to provide them with an A-class Job description to drive them in the right direction.”

We try to help out several clients with their “job descriptions” , and being around in the HR space for a while, we find that the majority problems of recruitment starts with not having a proper job description to convey the right message to the recruiters and potential candidates. Many employers, whom we interviewed, never tried to put due diligence in writing proper job description which might clearly state what they are looking for.


Too busy for your own Job.

It is always easy to make statements like “I want to hire the best candidate” or “We want perfect fit for this job”, but with out having to define what the “best” clearly means in the Job description, it is quite impossible to find the perfect match.

Hiring Managers are always in a hurry as they have a team to hire and run their projects. They are heavy on multi-tasking and try to put only minimal efforts to provide the right information on the Job descriptions. Most of them search existing job boards and copy the job description make little tweaks and publish out. Many fail to realize that their success of team is in finding the perfect fit for the roles, which in-turn depends on how clearly you convey what and whom you are looking for.

Here are few tips for writing a job description that does not suck.

Who are you?

Company.  Smarter talent is always in demand and they need a good reason of why they should join you against others. Tell your story of what your company is and does, share a story of your culture, sell what difference you make it.


What are you hiring for?

Title. Do not use generic titles like Software Engineer or Developer rather be more specific which clearly identifies the job and skill. You can identify level of positions by prefixing it with Sr. (Senior), Jr. (Junior), Mid-Level. Avoid using words like Rockstar, Hero, as everyone wants the same.

Role. Be clear on the role, what the candidate’s role would be within the company. Even while trying to find your co-founder, this is very important which enables you to clearly define who is going to work on what in your company in very early stages.


What do you expect them to do?

Responsibility. You need to empower your employees to make them feel more responsible and how they are part of your ecosystem. Defining their responsibility for the Job and organization would set their expectations clearly for the Job.


What are  MUST Vs. Preferences?

Minimum CriteriaClearly state the minimum criteria for the jobs if you can. Eg. Degree, specific skills for at least ‘n’ years, specific implementation

Preferences. State the preferences which are not mandatory but good to have. Eg. Many might feel having certifications on some enterprise tools would help them create filters.


What does this job pay?

Salary. Be very clear on what you “can” pay. Many a times, we come across employers who say, that they are not sure of how much they want to pay or can pay. We try to educate employers getting them to answer few simple tips,

  • How much can you afford to pay? , then – There has to be a budget you have or your Salary structure pre-designed.
  • Set a range ($xx to  $xx) which enables to negotiate or have flexibility on both sides to talk through the salary.
  • If you are unsure about market rates, try to use the Salary analytics tools like payscale or glassdoor or salary trends.

Benefits & other offers. Benefits play a major role for candidates to decide in picking up a Job. Clearly state all the benefits you are willing to offer. Incase of early stage startups, you can clearly define the equity or stock options you offer.

Contract/Temp. For contract & temp positions, you clearly need to define the hourly rate and set the tax terms clearly W2 or 1099. Not defining hourly rate clearly, will get you a lot of inbound spam which you do not want to waste your time on. Along with hourly rate, you clearly need to define the duration of the contract number of hours or months. 



Even with the current trend of remote work increasing heavily, there are several candidates who still prefer to have a local employer or viceversa.


Travel (%).

If the job needs travel, then clearly identify the percentage of travel required for the Job.



Keywords are very important in the world of internet recruitment. 70% of Jobseekers start their job search in Meta search engines like and 65% of them look up through Social Media. Both of these channels are dependent on keywords and not having keywords means, you would never be able to get the right traction for your Job.

When working with professional recruiters, these keywords play a major role as, recruiters highly rely on keyword matching to source candidates.

Set as many as and enough keywords in your job description which enables users to clearly see what you are looking for.

At Jobhuk, we have tried to solve this problem with helping employers with our Job posting guidelines and clearly defining a Step by Step form to enter all the required information easily. We also a built in feature for setting up minimum criteria on the Job, which is published as a questionnaire to be answered by recruiters and candidates while submitting their resumes. With out accepting or answering the questions, they will never be able to submit their profile.


Job Posting - Description - Step 1

Job Posting – Description – Step 1


Job Posting - Salary - Step 2

Job Posting – Salary – Step 2

Job Posting - Finders Fee - Step 3

Job Posting – Finders Fee – Step 3



Jobshow (2)


“When helping Employers, recruiters have limited information about a Job to find the perfect match — which is often true”.

JOBHUK offers employers a way to clearly define  Job description and convey the right information to recruiters & potential candidates helping everybody in the marketplace to see fast and better results in the whole recruitment process.

In our next article we are going to cover some humor and creative Job descriptions.

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