Recruiter Spotlight: Allie Futcher

Time to introduce new recruiter, we like to highlight the success of these placements with an interview with our independent recruiter and the employer. This week we like to introduce an independent recruiter that has successfully placed a candidate with our employers for a $10,400 referral commission.



Allie successfully sourced a candidate to Daman, Inc for the Lead Business Intelligence / Business Objects (BOBJ) Architect position.

                                                                       Meet Allie Futcher – Managing Partner/Senior Executive Recruiter working as  Independent Recruiter on JOBHUK                                                            Meet Allie Futcher – Independent Recruiter on JOBHUK

We decided to personally interview Allie to give us insight on her Jobhuk successful placement. Follow along in this interview and find out how she used her previous work experience to leverage her sourcing efforts.


Allie was working on JOBHUK since last four months and got her first successful placement two months back, she worked for many different clients on Jobhuk. She worked very hard and daily referred more than ten plus candidates to Jobhuk various clients.She was very determined from beginning and had earned $10400 referral money for one successful closure.We Congratulate her on success.


Did you use any social platforms to find this candidate? If yes, which ones did you use? If no, what did you use instead?

I used linked-in, and a few other sites.


What did you primarily like about Jobhuk’s dashboard in the process of sourcing this candidate?

I was able to speak directly to m point of contact on a regular basis and find which candidates they were interested in seeing.


What made you become an independent recruiter on Jobhuk?

I was working with another company and was contacted by Jobhuk team member and after our conversation she sold me on the company as well as all of the open positions she had available.


How did you find this candidate more qualified over the other candidates?

He had all of the requirements the client needed  and after our interview i knew he would be an asset to the company.


We are proud of all our independent recruiters for their continuous efforts at sourcing qualified candidate.

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Crowdsourcing Case Study: 99Designs

Increasingly, crowdsourcing has become a popular business model. Despite its popularity, there is a high level of skepticism for crowdsourcing services. Today we quickly review a company that has successfully built a crowdsourcing business model. is a marketplace where you can crowdsource your design work such as logos, web templates, and other design needs. They built a very lucrative business model that attracts a large set of designers to the marketplace.

Reach – Usually trying to find a good designer or an agency accommodating to your design needs and vision can be very complicated and miscommunicative. Compared to the traditional search, posting a design job to a marketplace like 99designs will provide you access to numerous freelance/independent designers and small agencies on demand.

More Options – Unlike the limited designs created by an individual designer or agency, a crowdsourced marketplace enables you to receive quantified number of designs created by designers all over the world to choose from.

Turnaround Times –Working with a specific design agency can limit your work from completing based off their schedule. Using a crowdsourcing business model, the multitude of designers are not only fighting for your bid with pricing, but also on how fast they can finish your design.

Affordable – Design services is an expensive process when working with agencies and in many cases you may not exactly get the design you might have envisioned. 99Designs makes it affordable for anyone to create a project using pre-defined pricing models and receive several designs bids and offers. Aside from these reasons on why crowdsourced marketplaces work, you will find additional benefits below:

Traditional Design Buying vs Crowdsourcing Design Buying
Traditional Design Buying  99Designs Model
Individual Reach  Marketplace of Designers
Slow Turnaround (~3-15 Days)  Faster Turnaround (~2-3 Days)
1-5 Bids = Expensive Rate   Competitive Marketplace = Cheaper Rate
Expensive Successful Placement Fee Flexible Split Fee Payscale
Unreliable Results  Higher Guarantee of Designs Approval
Upfront Payments Increases Risk  Pay after Design is Completed

At Jobhuk, we have applied similar principles and built a crowdsourced marketplace for recruitment. Here  the employer (buyers) crowdsource their recruitment efforts to a large pool of professional recruiters and agencies around the world.

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