Characteristics of a Successful Independent Recruiter

Do you ever question yourself on what separates a successful independent recruiter from an unsuccessful recruiter? We developed this intricate checklist for you to learn about how to become a successful recruiter of your own.

  1. Knowledge of the industry. – Before diving in and using your network to find qualified applicants for your employers, an independent recruiter must know the ins and outs of the industry. You must read the job description and learn about what makes an applicant well qualified from one that barely misses the mark. This knowledge is beneficial to multiple freelance recruiters. One, you will gain the respect of an employer for always referring qualified leads. Employers use freelance recruiters to help sift through the leads that are deemed unqualified. Two, you will save yourself time by not having to focus on many applicants at once for a specific job post. Knowledge is power and a money maker. 5
  2. Organization – Learning to stay organized is a vital characteristic in a successful independent recruiter. As you grow your network and you start submitting resumes, you want to stay systematized on each applicant’s status and tracking. Jobhuk provides you with tools to track applicants for independent recruiters. However, tracking is only one organizational component to success as a recruiter. Staying organized will keep you on top of who you are meeting with at the moment, the industries you are currently communicating with to find applicants, and most importantly your network and the employers you work with will notice how well you handle multiple assignments at once.
  3. Networking – Success in freelance recruiting is about expanding your reach to make sure the right candidate comes across your path. In order to expand your reach, an independent recruiter must continuously network. Networking does not mean that one must concentrate on the quantity of the people, but more so on the quality of the people they encounter.
  4. Patience – The most important key to becoming a successful independent recruiter (and life itself) is patience. Recruiting is a very competitive market to qualify leads and earn commission. It requires patience and perseverance to earn that high split fee payout. Employers are looking for the key individuals that can fill that role and do it successfully. Because their time and money go into molding this individual into their company, they want to know if this individual has the character and drive to become one of them. That means they may reject most of the resumes you send over. Though, the one they receive of yours that is qualified, the successful hire will earn you high returns that was worth the patience and perseverance.

These four aspects to becoming a successful independent recruiter will leverage yourself from among the current agencies. Independent recruiting is a position which provides a high return of investment. If you have the knowledge of the industry, stay organized in your work, continuously network with individuals, and stay patience through the process, you will become successful at recruiting.

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