Jobhuk Launch @ SXSW 2013

We launched on March 8th  at the  Startup Spotlight SXSW 2013 at Hilton Downtown, Austin,TX.

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Here goes our launch Story: 

We are on a great journey of disrupting the human capital space with awesome things that we are doing with technology. We iterated through several cycles for past 6 years with multiple products in the staffing/recruiting space and finally got out the massively disruptive “Jobhuk”.

We spent years searching for the best recruits, experimenting with various methodologies to find best resource for my team. After much trial and error, I identified “Referrals” as consistently the best recruits and most likely to become successful hires. “We first asked friends, friends of friends, family members, and co-workers,” saying , “do you know anyone who would be a good fit for this position?” The unveiling of Jobhuk allows employers to ask the same question, but now in real time, to tens of millions of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other network users.

“Hire by Referral” – Employers can hire Rockstars by referrals, as referrals always work great and has very slim chances to fail.
“Refer and Get Paid” – Any user of Jobhuk can refer the best for available jobs from their network via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Email. Referrals are paid Finders Fee on successful hires which up to 15% (avg. $6,000) of the Gross Salary set by Employers.

Please try it out & We will be waiting for your awesome feedback.

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